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A great product that everybody should have around!

This is one of the best headlamps I've ever owned. This Luxolite black CREE LED Headlamp comes with 3 AAA duracell batteries included (a huge plus right there!). These batteries will last for impressive 30 hours at the brightest setting of 160 lumens. My boyfriend has a handyman business, so he took this one from me as he said that's his favorite headlamp. He uses it a lot for work and even to just look for something in his shed at night. The elastic headband is strong and easily adjustable. I like the fact that this headlamp has several settings, one of them includes a flashing SOS signal which provides with a great sense of security. I command the merchant on making a great durable and extremely helpful gadget. Click here to read the review on Amazon

Trustworthy and will not leave you in the dark

I have 2 boys so we collect flash lights and a flash light that straps to your head aka headlamp means that Mommy is AWESOME!! Well it is the product that is awesome. Super durable and it comes with batteries that take 2 seconds to install. There are several setting on the light which include high, medium and low. Then you can have the red lights flash or the white lights flash as an SOS. Our favorite one is red night vision simply because my husband spend 10 years in the Army and my boys loved his NVG's (night vision googles). What little boys don't think daddy is a super hero! They will be getting the most use out of that feature. When I need to use it for walking my dog at night this is the one I will trust with my safety and security. Great for runners, hikers, bikers and other outdoors men or women. Click here to read this review on Amazon

Perfectly bright!

Absolutely the best thing ever for my husband! My husband is one who gets into a project and doesn't know when to quit, and many times he's left working in the dark! Recently he put a new roof on our house and literally sat up there with a long extension cord and a flood light which he had to keep moving from spot to spot..I wish I had ordered this sooner as it would have been perfect for him then! He uses this for everything now! Working in the basement, under the car, under the sink, laying carpet.... the list goes on and on! Its always on his head !I personally like it for walking my dogs at night so the Night Red vision is perfect for that, and still leaves me visible to cars. It comes with several settings of brightness to use and is amazingly bright! This is ideal for many situations, where you need to be hands free. It has a really nice adjustable strap and fits not only his head, but mine. Its comfortable and lightweight, so doesn't feel heavy on your head. It even comes with batteries! How cool is that??I have purchased this product at a reduced price in exchange for my honest review and opinion.It.Really is a great product. Click here to read on Amazon

Best headlamp purchase that I've made!

I absolutely love this headlamp! I was able to order it during a promotional period, so I jumped on the offer and was more than happy to give my opinion of it. The package arrived quickly. It came in a small, well-packaged box. The batteries were included in the box which made me very excited since I never seem to have batteries at home when I need them. The batteries were bundled together in plastic wrap which was a nice touch. The headlamp was very easy to open to put in the batteries. I feel like it would still be easy if you had limited dexterity in your hands or poor eyesight (i.e. older populations). When I turned on the light, I was blown away. It was VERY bright. I highly recommend not looking into the light when you turn it on. It fits my head and can be sized down so that my kids can wear it as well. We will definitely be taking this on camping trips and keeping it available at the house for any blackouts. I have a feeling I'll probably find it in my kid's bed when they are doing late night reading as well. Great product! Click here to read review on Amazon.

LuxoLite LED Headlamp - Super Bright CREE Head Flashlight with RED Lights - Handsfree, Light Weight, Waterproof, Batteries Included - THE BEST Headlamp OUT THERE for Camping, Hiking, Reading & More
Sturdy and Slim by Design - Tested and Approved - Go for hours on the 3 AAA Duracell Batteries Included! The SAFE & HANDSFREE alternative for any Led Lantern or Tactical Flashlight!

We're a small local US business offering an authentic quality product and outstanding customer service. We’re so confident in the superior quality of our certified LED headlamp we happily offer it with 100% Satisfaction and Lifetime Guarantee.

Adjustable for Adults and Kids - This lightweight headlamp flashlight gives you a SECURE Source of SUPER BRIGHT Light on a hiker, runner, walker, fisher, hunter night outdoor. MUST HAVE for the medical and emergency kit in your car!

Quickly and easily Toggle the Head Flashlight Pressure Switch between RED Lights AND WHITE Cree Led Light: 6 modes including SOS flashing, high, medium and low distance beams!

Our LED Headlamp is IPX6 standard waterproof for the best in stress-free RELIABILITY. You won’t be left in the dark, even when you’re caught in the rain!
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We believe that being outdoors contributes to the well being of our families and children. Interacting with others, being in nature having fun is the easiest way to empower families to live healthier lives. 

Our Luxolite Headlamp is ideal for a variety of outdoor activities like camping, fishing, hiking, reading, or just having fun with the kids. We use it. We love it. And so do many other raving fans that purchased our product. Witness their reviews on our Amazon page

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